Systolic super easy blood pressure app

Systolic is a blood pressure tracking app that makes bp monitoring super easy and stores systolic and diastolic readings ready to be reported

Systolic mobile application supports treatment decisions and it works as a diagnosis helper tool and users can use it for blood pressure self monitoring. Systolic doesn’t require registration nor login so it is ready in seconds.

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most important heart disease and stroke risks. It may cause damage to arterial blood vessels and atherosclerosis, i.e. arthritis hardening if not treated carefully. Check the overview, facts and treatment from WebMD.

Systolic application helps doctors, nurses and users workload by automating and digitising manual phases to export, transform, present and send blood pressure data. Systolic creates invaluable blood pressure report that is easy to sent out e.g. via email.


  • Store systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings
  • The impact of the medication is visible in the chart
  • Pulse and weight tracking
  • Edit readings and monitoring periods
  • Timer to remind about next measurement
  • Comprehensive report with graphical charts
  • Morning and evening averages or detailed data
  • BMI
  • Colour zones for easy hypertension tracking
  • The report is easy to send out
  • Light and dark visual themes
  • Languages: English, Finnish, German

Systolic user instructions

Systolic blood pressure app is ready to be used in seconds because it doesn’t require registration nor login.

See Systolic user instructions for blood pressure monitoring.

Systolic supports you in ensuring blood pressure is in control

Systolic blood pressure application replaces traditional pen-and-paper monitoring. When results are available for the given monitoring period, then it’s easy to follow how blood pressure develops. The recognition and prevention of problems becomes easier.

Systolic provides invaluable blood pressure report that is easy to send out via email e.g. to your doctor.