PainLog user instructions

Using PainLog is very easy and it supports you in following up pains and amounts of medications. You can record pain attacks and used medications and other related information by pressing save button in PainLog.

There are just two simple steps. 1) Save the pain attack, its intensity and used medication if any. 2) Then inspect and report results at any time.

Important! The data is stored both into the device and securely to the cloud so that if you happen to lose your device, the data is always safe and can be restored from the cloud. The data is controlled only by you and nobody else can access it and we don't share it with 3rd parties. The report can be stored to the cloud by you and you can also control what data is being reported and who else can access it via web browser. 

Tip! It is easy to print the report with PC when you send it to yourself and then open and print it with your PC. This way you can also create a PDF file from the report

Record pain attacks

Set the intensity of the pain (1...10) into the app. You can also provide additional information like e.g. occasion (work, travel…) and other comments (e.g. used medication if any) in order to figure out if certain occasions correlate with pain attacks.

Check the report

PainLog provides invaluable information about pain attacks and used medication. It's important to follow up the amount of medications used for e.g. migraine in order to prevent becoming chronic.

The application draws the chart and indicates the intensity of the pain and used medications. The app also provides you information about the number of pain days and number of days with medication. You can see the difference when compared to the previous period. The length of the visible period can be changed by pressing Days button (default is 30 days) or by Zooming. 

In order to select the desired range in the chart, just keep your finger pressed at the start date and the drag your finger to an end date. The selected range will then become visible for closer look. You can return back to a default range by pressing Zoom max button

Note! The selected range will be present in the report and you can send the report by pressing Report button.

In order to take a deeper look at the report, you can rotate the device and turn into a landscape mode. Landscape mode is optimised for viewing the report and it occupies whole screen.

Modify recordings

All saved entries are grouped by months and Single tapping of the month collapses (closes) and uncollapses (opens) the period. The arrow on the right side indicates if the period is collapsed or not. Swiping the item left allows you to edit the details or delete the item.

After using PainLog for some time you’ll end up having a long list of entries. PainLog groups entries on monthly basis and calculates amounts of pains and meds for each month.

The entries appear in chronological order and in order to quickly jump to the most recent readings, i.e. to the bottom of the list, you can just press the Log-button when already in the log-tab. In order to jump back to the top of the list, you can press the button in the top right corner.


You can control if you want to add your person details into the report or not. The option Show details in the report is in the User page. Also, please note that the new report replaces the old one, so that there is always just one report available instead of increasing number of reports. The report includes the details of the date range you have selected in the report page when pressing Report button.

Send and print report

You can send the report to e.g. yourself if you want to print it out with your PC. The report is available via secure link and it is impossible to access without knowing the link. So your report is safe and can only be viewed by those that you have provided the link to.

Sync data between devices

You can have the same data in multiple devices if you log in using the same TEKEMO apps account. 

When you first log in to the 2nd device with the same TEKEMO apps account, then already saved data is synced and becomes immediately available in the 2nd device.

When you change the data in device A (add, delete, modify), then the data is not synced automatically to device B, but you can sync manually and import the new data to device B by pressing the device B's Cloud button in the Users side drawer page (users icons at the top right). Note! The devices keeps data automatically safe in the cloud,  so there is no need to press the cloud button for sending data but only when downloading updated data to 2nd device.

Lost device

The data is stored both into the device and also to the cloud. So, if you happen to lose your device, the data remains always safe and is restored automatically when you first time log in to a new device with your TEKEMO apps account. 

Color themes

PainLog has some convenience features like e.g. you can select your preferred color theme.

Offline use

PainLog uses very little amount of device's internet network. It uses network only to keep the data safe in the cloud. It's possible to use PainLog offline and the data gets synchronized when the device goes online again.