TEKEMO news 2020


PainLog is a super easy migraine, pain and medication tracker app with comprehensive reporting

It's important to keep track of used medications in order to avoid pain becoming chroninc. With PainLog you can record the pain attack and intensity with a button click.

PainLog supports multiple users, so you can track e.g. your children too. The report unveils the amount of pain days and medication days as well as total amount of pain attacks and meds used. As convenience features, PainLog has multiple color themes and easy editing of entries.

The application helps doctors, nurses and users workload by automating and digitising manual phases to export, transform, present and send data that is needed for pain analysis and treatment. PainLog produces results and reports automatically.


  • Easy to save pain attack time and details like e.g. symptoms, medication, occasion
  • Save your preferred medication details, symptoms etc. for easier usage
  • Easy to modify entries
  • Monthly details about pain days, medication days, total amount of pains and meds
  • Comprehensive report and chart that can be sent to e.g. doctor
  • Data stored securely and usable in multiple devices. No need for manual backup.
  • Support for multiple users and devices
  • Multiple color themes for convenience
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Languages: English