TEKEMO news 2017

Systolic blood pressure tracker has been published. Systolic makes blood pressure tracking super easy and anybody can start using it in seconds because no registration is needed but app is ready right away.

Systolic mobile application supports treatment decisions and it works as a diagnosis helper tool and users can use it for blood pressure self monitoring.

The application helps doctors, nurses and users workload by automating and digitising manual phases to export, transform, present and send blood pressure data. Systolic produces results and invaluable reports ready to be sent out. More information


Quick annotation of PEF results

PEFLog makes asthma tracking super easy and provides useful charts from PEF monitoring results.

The new version of PEFLog adds quick annotation feature. It’s now possible to quickly annotate results. When you save your PEF results, you can select e.g. W if the PEF results was made at work or e.g. + to indicate you were feeling ok and so on. You can define your quick annotations as you think makes sense. You can also add and edit freetext notes in the Log tab as before.

Occupational health service in Finland requires to track PEF results so that you indicate if PEF was at work or at home. PEFLog makes it now easy to indicate this with just single letter W or H.

PEF report in spreadsheet

If you need to have your PEF results in a spreadsheet format, it’s easy to send the report to yourself. The report includes csv file that can be opened with most of the spreadsheet applications e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice, Apple Numbers and so on.

All these improvements make it easier than ever to use PEFLog for asthma tracking and PEF monitoring.

And that’s not yet all. The new version is being celebrated with the limited time price campaign.

The new version 1.4.2 is available right away.


PEFLog makes asthma tracking super easy and provides useful charts from PEF monitoring results.

PEFLog adds professional charts to support doctors and nurses work in asthma diagnosis. Automatically created and pre-calculated reports may save lot of time from manual work.

Improved charts make it easier for the users to track the asthma situation. A new chart for PEF-variation has been added and users can now switch between different chart types.

All these improvements plus performance improvements make it easier than ever to use PEFLog.

And that’s not yet all. The new version is being celebrated with the limited time price campaign.

The new version 1.4.0 is available right away.


The new version adds user interface improvements and fixes bugs. The colour zones illustrate the effectiveness of your breathing relative to your personal best PEF. Your PEF should always stay on the green zone! The calculated reference PEF is based on age, height and gender.


The new version of PEFLog 1.3.1 adds support for Norwegian language. The new version also improves trends and has other visual and performance improvements. New PEFLog is available now.


New version PEFLog 1.3.0 has been published.

The new version adds peak flow colour zones. The colour zones illustrated in the chart can be used to show you the effectiveness of your breathing and your PEF1 trend should always remain in green zone. The zones are based on your personal best PEF which you can provide manually or let the application calculate for you.

The application will calculate your personal best value if you have at least one week saved PEF1 values and values are at least one week from the last medication (PEF2 values). If you provide your personal best value manually then the colour zones are based on it.

Green: 80-100% of your personal best

  • Your breathing is good and you do not have any early warning signs or asthma symptoms

Yellow: 60-80% of your personal best

  • Caution
  • Symptoms could be runny and stuffy nose, feel more tired, chin or throat itches, restless, coughing, dark circles under your eyes
  • Recheck peak flows after 20-30 minutes and call your doctor, healthcare professional, or nurse care manager if your peak flow is not back to the Green Zone

Red: Below 60% of your personal best

  • Danger
  • Symptoms could be cough more at night, wheezing, chest feels tight or hurts, breathing faster than normal
  • You should use your quick-relief medicine by inhaler or nebulizer right away and call your doctor


Have you already tried disc golf? This social sport is one of the most fun and addictive hobbies you can practise at virtually no cost. Discs cost only 15-20€ depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the plastic and you only need one or two discs to begin with. Most of the tracks are free for everybody.

If you happen to own a Suunto watch e.g. Ambit series or Traverse, you can download Disc Golf 2 application I wrote.

This app counts disc golf throws and distances. The app has rotating views. The main view displays the current tee and the amount of throws on the current track (e.g. Tee 3.04) . The 2nd view displays the total amount of throws (e.g. TOTA 0.13). The third view displays the distance from the previous drop zone to the current location (e.g. Dist 250 m). 1. Press START/STOP to start the game. 2. Press LAP right after each throw. 3.1. Press START/STOP to pause after completed track. 3.2. Press START/STOP to continue at the new tee to begin new track. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you end the game by keeping START/STOP pressed for a while. The amount of laps in the Movescount is the total amount of throws plus one.

Download Disc Golf 2 for Suunto watches




New version of PEFLog has been published.

New version adds

  • Improved charts
  • Performance fixes
  • Visual and usability improvements


PEFLog asthma monitoring mobile application has been published.

PEFlog makes it really easy for anybody at any age to keep track of PEF results. Then when results are available it’s easier to manage asthma and even save money when expensive medicine is used for a real need only. The report with the graph can easily be sent out e.g. to the parents or to a doctor for diagnosis.