DiscGolf Pro app for Garmin Fenix5

DiscGolf Pro is a disc golf counter with activity tracking. The app shows your heart rate, results as they fit to the screen, total amount of strokes and stroke distance


    • Easy editing of strokes, course pars and course size i.e. number of tees
    • Current result
    • Stroke distance
    • Heart rate
    • Result and activity measures are saved to Garming Connect including: Total distance, calories, time, agv speed, avg hr rate, map graph, course results, training effect, elevation etc.
    • The latest course pars are preserved so that pars are already correct if you play the same course again


Important! Activity tracking starts only after you START the game using menu (keep UP pressed in Fenix and keep touching in Vivoactive). Results can be saved after you end the game that was started earlier.

    • After you have thrown a disc, then press UP or DOWN to add or remove strokes. (Swipe UP or DOWN in Vivoactive)
    • After completing a the hole, then press LAP to select next tee. (Swipe LEFT or RIGHT in Vivoactive)
    • To select between editing strokes or pars, press START. (Press the button in Vivoactive)
    • To edit number of tees, then use the menu. You can add/remove tees any time during the game
    • After completing the course, then END the game using menu and select SAVE AND EXIT. Results will be then uploaded to your Garmin Connect account next time when the watch connects to your phone.
    • Exit the app using menu

Disclaimer: The app has been tested only with Fenix5 because that's the only device I have. Therefore, support for other devices is experimental.

Download app for your Garmin Fenix 5 from Connect IQ Store

Edit strokes

Edit pars

Main menu

Start the game from the main menu

Edit number of tees from the main menu

End the game from the main menu